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Counselling & Psychotherapy Services


- 6 sessions (50 minutes each) 1-1 counselling sessions

- Reflective and exploratory activities to complete in between sessions


- Individual counselling sessions are charged at £65


- 10  1-1 counselling/psychotherapy hours including EMDR and inner child deep healing work

- Bespoke self-care and anxiety calming strategies to develop your own empowerment toolkit in between sessions



Intensive trauma healing

 18 hours of 1-1 therapeutic work including up to - 1 coaching/counselling reflective and exploratory session and 1 EMDR session per week

- Individualised self-care and anxiety calming strategies to empower you to face your previously feared situations

- Individualised workbook of downloadable templates, guides, suggested boundary scripts and self-paced meditations

- Bespoke body based activities to calm and soothe your nervous system for an overall sense of peace and calm

- Supportive email contact between sessions


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