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Counselling is such a unique experience. I think many people have the misconception that you get to sit on a sofa whilst the therapist tries to psychoanalyse your every thought. Now psychoanalysis might well come into our work as we explore how your life experiences have affected you in the here and now, but my therapy approach is far from prescriptive and doesn’t involve a sofa! I do my utmost to make you feel at ease in the therapy space as it is my belief that at the foundation of my work, building strong, trusting and authentic relationships with my clients underpins the most successful of therapeutic journeys. 


My approach to counselling is integrative, meaning I pull on the most fitting theoretical concepts and techniques to provide you with a tailor made package of therapy to suit your needs. During our work together, I may offer suggestions to help you cope with your distressing emotions, however it is our deep and open exploration into your life experiences and how they have affected you that will help you to uncover the root of your difficulties and grow and thrive as a result of your counselling experience.


I have had the privilege of working with some incredible clients all over the world and witnessed such incredible transformation in many, that I am constantly reminded why I love what I do.


My Specialist areas 

Codependency - Essentially, codependency means a lack of ‘self’. Codependents lack self-worth and look to others for validation through various behaviors to provide themselves with a sense of value and purpose.


Do any of these sound familiar?


  • Patterns of toxic and/or abusive relationships


  • People pleasing


  • Difficulty in trusting your judgement and making decisions


  • Struggling to communicate your needs


  • Lack of healthy boundaries


  • Inflated sense of responsibility for others


  • Need to control


  • Debilitating chronic anxiety, depression and other emotional difficulties


  • Fear of rejection and abandonment


Having been stuck in a cycle of toxic relationships as a codependent myself, I am incredibly passionate about helping people to recover from this debilitating cycle to feeling worthy, fulfilled and empowered to live life on your terms!

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