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Helping you to switch off overthinking, gain clarity and be your best YOU

Sometimes our issues, be it past or present, have such a profound impact, we can find ourselves in emotional turmoil and it can feel impossible to make sense of how the pieces of our life fit together anymore.

Maybe you are feeling totally overwhelmed with life at the moment, anxious or depressed and can't see how to move forward? You might be experiencing problems with your relationship and need a helping hand to get you back on track? You may feel lonely and afraid, with no one to talk to?

I can offer you a warm, safe environment without preconceptions or judgement, to give you space to make sense of what those pieces mean and help you put them back together, often with a better fit than before.


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Therapies at Wootton Fields, 17 Tudor Court, Wootton Hope Drive, Woottton, Northampton NN4 6FF


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