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Hi and welcome - I'd like to tell you a bit about me, so you can decide if I sound like the right counsellor for you.

I decided to train to be a counsellor several years ago, after experiencing first hand, just how powerful counselling can be in helping to make lasting positive life changes.

I have a gentle demeanour that, I am told, exudes calm to those around me, together with a warmth and sincerity that allows me to build meaningful relationships with my clients, providing the foundation for you to begin your healing process.

I have worked in a number of different environments, counselling adults, young people and couples. Currently, I work in private practice and with a youth counselling service, providing therapy to young people in educational settings. My approach is integrative which means I pull on a variety of resources, depending on what my client's needs are.

There are a couple of areas in which I have a special interest -


A subject that is very close to my own heart and one that I am passionate about. Do you worry about seemingly trivial issues that feel so much bigger to you? Do you wish that you had an 'off button'? Do racing thoughts cloud your head and keep you awake at night? Anxiety can be utterly debilitating and often feels that it takes over everything - I can work with you to look at what's happening in your life and help you achieve that sense of calm and clarity of thought that anxiety clouds. 


Often so difficult to recognise and it can be only after leaving a relationship in which you have experienced control and emotional abuse that you understand the affect on your emotional wellbeing. You may be left feeling ashamed, confused, anxious, have low self-esteem, feel angry and lost. If this sounds like you, please don't struggle on alone. I would love to work with you to help you regain confidence and control in your life.


Rebecca Vivash Counselling


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