About Me

A little bit about me - I’m Rebecca Vivash, counsellor and psychotherapist, specialising in helping people heal from the debilitating effects of anxiety and codependency.


I have been featured as an expert in anxiety management in several national media platforms and have also written articles on the subject of anxiety for our leading counselling professional body.


Counselling has been a second career for me - if I’m honest, I sat in a job that simply did not fill one iota of my soul for many years, as I didn’t believe that I was good enough to do anything different. I suffered from crippling anxiety and low self-esteem, until my own wonderful therapist helped me to see that I was taking my worth from how others perceived me and was my own worst critic. She worked with me to uncover my real qualities of compassion, intuition, warmth and empathy - the very qualities that I channel in my work today to help my clients through their own darkness. 


I now feel so incredibly fortunate to have a career that not only feeds my soul but enables me to help so many incredible people around the globe, to transform their own lives to become calmer, self-assured and empowered versions of themselves.